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Faith in the Lord


Happiness is what I feel when I see my son but it wasn’t always like that. When Andrew was in the hospital I often felt a void as if I was missing something all I could think about was myself and how life was so bad. At the time i did not have faith or even the Lord in my life. I was in a horrible relationship and there was no one to talk to or help me cope while my little baby was in the hospital. All I would do was cry and now I think back and wish I had a relationship with God. He would be the only one that could give me Grace in a time of need. I am thankful now for the relationship and I pray everyday for anyone who has a sick child because I know how alone you can feel and all we need to do is trust in the Lord, he always provides



Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, but it can also be a scary time for a mother when they find out their child has a defect. I found out my son had Gastroschisis early into my pregnancy and it was devastating. As soon as I discovered, I tried to obtain as much information as possible and to find other people’s stories, but there was not much out there. I am hoping to be able to share my story and hear others stories and see how other children are coping with Gastroschisis. My son was in the hospital for four months after he was born and had to have three surgeries to close his abdomen, at times the doctors would tell me things did not look too good for him. My son was born with one of the most severe case’s surgeons had seen at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles what made it worse was he only weighed 3 pounds, so he did not have much skin to close his abdomen. At times I would feel so hopeless and alone because I just wanted someone to share my fears with and listen to me. It was tough not to have anger because I was so frustrated and just wanted my baby to be ok and for him to be healthy. It is now eight years later, and my son is perfectly normal, and I thank the Lord every day for blessing me with my son. One challenge I have had is trying to help my son feel proud of himself and not be self-conscious over his scar, the scar begins in the middle of his chest down to his pubic bone and covers most of his body. I am always trying to help him feel comfortable in his skin and have noticed he does not like anyone to see his stomach and when he swims he will always stay covered up, as a mother it does hurt me. Does anyone else have these issues with their children born with Gastroschisis? I would love to one day find another child that my son can meet that has the same condition, so he won’t feel alone. He does not have a belly button, and as a toddler he would ask for a treasure chest (belly button), but now I think with him getting older he would like to feel like normal like his other friends who have bellybuttons. I know a few times kids have seen his stomach and have said, “YUCK!” and it hurts him. It is as difficult as a parent to hear your child tell you someone hurt their feelings. Please post any questions or comments on your journey with Gastroschisis, and I would be happy to answer any concerns to new parents that have just found out their child has this condition.